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Method for repairing the bearing of cone crusher

Time:2019-08-08 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Cone crusher is suitable for processing ore with high hardness. It has the advantages of large output and wear resistance. It has unparalleled advantages for processing high hardness materials such as cobblestone, granite and basalt. For the longer life of cone crusher, we have daily life. Need to repair and repair it, today we understand how to overhaul the cone crusher bearings.

(1) To repair the fixing of the bowl-shaped tile, the bowl-shaped tile is fixed on the bearing seat by using the cylindrical pin cast zinc, and if the loosening is to recast the zinc alloy. Otherwise, when lifting the cone, it will be glued to the moving cone surface and hang together to cause an accident;

(2) Inspection of the contact condition of the bowl-shaped tile: the contact surface of the bowl-shaped tile should be in contact with the outer ring of the bowl, and the width of the contact ring is 0.3-0.5 ft. If the contact is too large, it should be re-scratched;

(3) Checking the surface of the bowl-shaped tile: when the tile surface is worn to the bottom of the oil groove (the oil groove is flattened) or the fixing pin is exposed and cracks are generated, it should be replaced;

(4) The matching of the bowl-shaped bearing seat and the frame should be tight. If the gap is ground after running, the bearing housing will cause a series of movements, which will cause poor contact between the main shaft and the taper sleeve, and even impact each other. After this gap, the dust water will also splash into the body and damage the lubrication. If the gap is greater than 2 mm, it should be repaired or replaced.

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