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What do you need to know to choose a suitable jaw crusher?

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Jaw crushers are generally used for the primary crushing of materials. It is an indispensable crushing equipment for the sand and gravel industry, the mineral processing industry and the grinding industry. In the production line, if the jaw crusher selects the appropriate discharge size, it will reduce the pressure of the secondary crushing equipment, improve the efficiency of the entire production line, and ensure the normal operation of the entire production line. Since the jaw crusher is generally used for the initial crushing of materials, the wear rate is high and it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, the use of a good quality jaw crusher can reduce the downtime of the production line caused by maintenance. How to choose the right quality jaw crusher?

First, jaw crusher selection
The main purpose of the jaw crusher selection is to find a jaw crusher that meets the material size and product size requirements. At this point, we need to look at the equipment specifications of the jaw crusher manufacturer within the maximum feed size and discharge port adjustment range. These two indicators determine whether the crusher can meet your needs. If the customer's material has a maximum particle size of 500mm and the required discharge particle size is about 70mm, a PE600*900 jaw crusher can be used. The jaw crusher has a maximum feed side length of up to 500 mm and a minimum discharge opening of 65 mm. If the feed size and discharge size meet the requirements, but the output does not meet the requirements, multiple sets of jaw crushers of the same type can be used at the same time.

Second, the jaw crusher quality judgment
The quality of the jaw crusher depends mainly on the quality of the liner and bulk material.
1. The quality of the jaw crusher liner: The jaw crusher liner is the worn part of the jaw crusher and is also a frequently replaced part, so the quality of the jaw crusher liner must be wear resistant. At present, jaw crusher technology has a low threshold and can be produced in many factories, but the quality of jaw crushers produced by different factories varies greatly. An important reason why some small and medium-sized factories can offer customers a very low price is the use of low-cost, low-quality parts on equipment components, which can easily reduce the jaw crusher productivity and life.
2. Jaw Crusher Body Quality: Depending on whether the body is cast iron or cast steel, the cast steel is more durable. Material quality affects the quality and price of the jaw crusher. Cast steel materials are more durable than cast iron and guarantee the efficiency and quality of the crusher. The cost of a cast steel jaw crusher is high, and blind pursuit of low prices is not feasible.
As a processing equipment for the production line, the jaw crusher must be carefully selected because it is the main factor determining the production capacity. When choosing and purchasing, the price should not be doubled, but should be quality-oriented and price-oriented.

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