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How to replace the screen with a circular vibrating screen

Time:2019-08-12 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Vibratory screening machines play a very important role in industrial production and are used in many fields. However, in daily use, it is inevitable that the screen will be damaged, so the screen needs to be replaced. How to replace the screen with a circular vibrating screen? What is the correct procedure?

Method for changing the parent screen of the vibrating screen
If the circular vibrating screen mesh is damaged, it can be repaired by itself. If it cannot be repaired, please return to the factory for repair.

Second, the method of changing the fine mesh of the vibrating screening machine
1. Loosen the bundle ring screw first, remove the upper frame, remove the damaged fine mesh, and replace it with a new fine mesh.
2. Lay the fine mesh on the mesh of the vibrating screen, put the upper frame back in place, and tighten the fine mesh around by hand, at the frame edge of the upper and lower frames of the opposite ends of the fuselage, Use a universal pliers to clamp the upper and lower frames.
3, the stainless steel vibrating screen around the frame at the edge of the fine mesh in addition to the reserve of two centimeters, the rest are cut off.
4. Re-set the bundle ring, loosen the universal clamp, and lock the bundle ring screw.
5. Evenly tap the circumference of the bundle ring with a soft hammer, then lock the copper nut and replace it with a fine mesh. If the mother frame and the movable plate are removed during the screen change of the vibrating screen, it must be noted that the moving plate must be embedded in the flange of the bottom of the frame when reinstalling.

Third, the installation of the vibrating screen screen on the frame
The frame of the vibrating screening machine screen is “field” shape, with a length of 1860mm and a width of 560mm. The upper and lower sides are identical, the screen is clamped in the middle, and the surrounding frame is bolted. The original installation method of the screen is a 14-piece and a 10-mesh screen. The 14-mesh is mounted on the screen frame under the top 10 mesh. The effect is also good, but the service life is short and the screen is easy to press. Collapse, tearing the warp and weft stainless steel wire, causing damage. The service life of the screens varies according to the different screening materials.

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