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How to deal with the cone crusher emergency

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(1) Emergency parking should be found in the following cases
The motor is overloaded and the current exceeds the rated value, but there is no broken object in the machine.
The motor smokes and ignites.
The oil temperature rises sharply and the oil returns to over 60 °C, and the oil pressure is not high.
The non-crushed material is stuck and the spring is broken.
In addition, the machine (such as broken wall, rolling wall, distribution plate) is broken.

(2) When the oil temperature is high, it should be idle for a period of time, increase the amount of oil, and then stop the treatment.

(3) Parking treatment shall be handled according to the parking method.
Do not operate when the dustproof system does not work.
When parking in winter for more than 2 hours, the fuel tank and oil circuit must be prevented from freezing. The measures are as follows:
① Temporarily idle, idle for 10 minutes every hour.
② Start the electric heating device and keep the oil temperature at around 25 °C.
It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the electrical interlock device due to low oil pressure.

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