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Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher common faults and solutions

Time:2019-07-31 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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The single-cylinder cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, large processing capacity and high degree of automation. In actual operation, some faults will be caused by improper operation. The lower-level Jiaozuo Zhongxin technical engineer will introduce the corresponding solution.

First, can not maintain a stable discharge port
The main valve leaks. The main valve installed under the hydraulic cylinder realizes the rapid decrease of the moving cone when it is overloaded, which plays a protective role. Due to long-term use, the spring fatigue in the main valve or the impurities in the hydraulic oil may cause the main valve to be lowered or shut down due to the pressure drop, resulting in a large amount of oil return to the hydraulic system, causing the spindle to descend rapidly. By observing whether the main valve has oil return, the main valve state can be judged, and the leaked main valve needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The safety valve is damaged. The safety valve can guarantee the pressure value of the system. The set value will be changed for a long period of time. The ball valve after closing the safety valve can be used to check the lifting and lowering of the moving cone to determine whether the safety valve is damaged. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time.

The control valve is damaged. There are two control valve blocks in the hydraulic system, which is a special flow-through check valve that raises or lowers the load when the crusher is empty. The state of the control valve can be judged by observing the change of the position of the moving cone. If the position of the moving cone is unchanged, the control valve block needs to be replaced.

Air is mixed into the hydraulic fluid. When the hydraulic components are replaced, air will remain in the hydraulic circuit. Due to the large gas compression ratio, the hydraulic cylinder will rise and fall unsteadily. Therefore, after replacing the hydraulic components, the bleed valve must be opened to drain the residual air in the pipeline.

Second, the main lubricating oil temperature is high
The cooling fan does not work well. Since the accumulation of ash on the air cooler is caused by long-term accumulation, the heat dissipation effect is not good, so the air cooler should be cleaned regularly.

The heater malfunctions. The heater should start at 26 °C and stop at 32 °C, but the sensor failure can cause the heater to malfunction, increase the temperature of the lubricant, and replace the sensor or check its connector.

The bypass valve operates. The bypass valve is a 0.7 MPa pressure reducing valve installed in the lubrication system to protect the lubrication system. If the set value of the bypass valve is lowered, the lubricating oil will not pass through the cooler, and the cleaning or cooling method can be used to eliminate the malfunction.

The inner sleeve of the crusher is burnt. When the crusher has a phenomenon such as "burning", a large amount of heat is generated to cause the temperature of the main lubricating oil to rise rapidly. In this case, the crusher bushing needs to be dismantled and replaced.

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