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What are the requirements for the inspection time of the jaw crusher?

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The jaw crusher requires periodic maintenance to detect potential safety hazards in a timely manner. This is of great help to the production of the jaw crusher in the later stage. What is the maintenance cycle?

First, the monthly repair, the main content of the repair is the bearing lubrication of the broken machine, although we usually check the situation when using the machine, but the focus is different, the inspection is more in the month of repair The comprehensive, including the condition of the oil pipe and the wear of the bearing, as well as the cleaning of the lubricating device of the jaw crusher, can achieve better lubrication effect.

The second is the season repair. The content of the season repair includes the contents of the monthly repair. In addition, the replacement of the large and small gears should be included. Because after one quarter of work, the wear of these two components will be more serious, and the smooth operation of the smashing machine can no longer be assisted. It will have an impact on the efficiency of production and so on, so it needs to be replaced.

The third is the annual repair, which includes the contents of the season repair, and then includes the inspection of all the parts. If the parts with more serious wear are found, they need to be replaced, and the repairs can be repaired without serious wear. Then, look at the technology of the smashing machine. Whether the performance needs to be updated or not, it should be carried out in time if necessary.

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