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Cause analysis of idling of jaw crusher

Time:2020-11-30 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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A flywheel device is installed at one end of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher. The flywheel has a good static balance in the jaw crusher and can also convert energy storage and conversion. The flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to operate. However, there are some problems with the flywheel during the operation, so what is the reason for the failure of the flywheel of the jaw crusher?

1. The flywheel appears idling. The jaw crusher cannot operate normally, but the flywheel components continue to rotate. At this time, due to the damage of the eccentric shaft tie rod device of the jaw crusher, the toggle plate loses its support. After the tie rod spring fails, the toggle plate slips out of the tie rod support block. The toggle plate of the jaw crusher breaks due to the heavy workload and the material is discharged. The granularity cannot be adjusted, causing the main engine of the jaw crusher to s*. At this time, it is necessary to check the operation of various parts related to the bracket and adjust it in time. When the bracket breaks and fails, replace the new parts and then install it.

2. The flywheel swings abnormally. In the process of continuous long-term operation, the crushed material rolled into the inner side of the wheel, causing the flywheel wheel shell to crack; at the same time, the machine flywheel hole, pulley, flywheel key, and bearing were worn, causing related parts in important parts to loosen , As well as the loosening of the flywheel tension sleeve and the casting defects of the machine itself, which will cause the flywheel of the jaw crusher to swing too much. Zhongxin Heavy Industry reminds that when the flywheel swings abnormally, the staff must immediately s* the equipment operation and overhaul the jaw crusher. It is necessary to increase the machine flywheel guard to replace the eccentric shaft and flywheel in time. For worn flat keys, also It should be replaced in time.

3. The connecting key between flywheel and pulley is loose. The connecting key between the belt pulley and the flywheel is loose or broken. Without the connection function, the pulley and the flywheel cannot operate synchronously, causing the flywheel and the eccentric shaft to not operate synchronously, and the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to fail. The remedy is to check the flywheel connection key, and if it is found to be loose or damaged, it should be repaired in time to ensure that the split wheel and eccentric shaft can operate synchronously, and the equipment can operate normally for crushing operations.

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