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What factors affect the lubrication effect of cone crusher

Time:2020-11-25 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Daily smoothing is one of the effective ways to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the cone crusher. However, there are many factors that affect the smoothing effect in the actual operation process, resulting in the reduction of the crushing effect of the cone crusher. Today, let's take a look at the impact of the cone crusher. What are the factors of the smooth effect?

1. Changes in temperature. The lubricating oil will change with the temperature. For example, when the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will increase, while the temperature will simply become thinner. Therefore, when choosing smooth oil for cone crushers, we must pay attention to selecting the appropriate type of smooth oil according to the change of external temperature.

2. The unevenness of the equipment speed. When the rotation speed of the cone crusher is higher, it is more difficult to squeeze the smooth oil between the sticks, which will form the Ade smooth effect between the parts. Together, under the high-speed operation of the equipment. The lubricating oil also simply appears agglomerated and thickened. Therefore, under normal conditions, the cone crusher recommends the use of low viscosity smooth oil under the condition of high speed, while low speed requires high viscosity smooth oil.

3. Load of cone crusher. In the operation of the cone crusher, the main effect of smooth oil is to form a certain oil film in the center of the contact surface of the parts to slow down the friction of the parts. If the cone crusher has a small operating load and the viscosity of the smooth oil is high, it will increase the operating resistance of the equipment. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we must also select the appropriate type of smooth oil based on the unevenness of the cone crusher's operating load.

In addition, due to the harsh operating environment of the cone crusher, it is inevitable that some dust and impurities will pollute the smooth oil. Once the smooth oil is contaminated, its viscosity will increase, and a good smooth film cannot be formed on the surface of the equipment. It does not produce the desired effect. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean up the lubricating oil on the bearing parts and ensure that the cleanliness of the lubricating oil environment is increased.

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