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Is the output particle size of the cone crusher good?

Time:2020-11-23 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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The discharge shape and particle size of the crusher determine the quality of the product. So, what about the shape and particle size of the cone crusher?

1. Cone crusher discharge shape
First of all, the cone crusher adopts the method of laminated crushing, which has strong pressure resistance and can handle various materials. The cavity type is planned. The shape of the product is mainly a cube with a high gradation. It can obtain good results in actual use. effect.

2. The cone crusher has a small particle size
Cone crusher is a common medium and fine crushing equipment on the market. It has a variety of cavity types, which can be selected according to needs. The conditioning method of the discharge port is relatively simple. The smaller discharge opening has a conditioning scale of 3-13mm, and sometimes it can be used to make sand.

There are mainly five series of cone crushers, which are multi-cylinder cone crusher, single-cylinder cone crusher, spring cone crusher, compound cone crusher and Simmons cone crusher. Different series have different specifications and models to meet the needs of different users. There are hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and several million, and users with different budgets can choose the right equipment.

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