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Crushing Equipment in different crushing ways

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Broken machine includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher, and so on, although there are many broken principle, but there are many ways to break the same. Because the shape of the material particles is irregular, and the material is different, so the method is different, the use of mechanical force crushing material according to the application of the following several methods:



1. Crushing, the material is placed between the two working face, after applying the pressure, the material because of the compressive stress to reach its compressive strength and broken, this method is generally used in crushing large material. Jaw crusher and cone crusher belong to the lamination of the original theory, wear parts of the wear is relatively small, can minimize the cost of production. Cone crusher in many customers through the experiment proved that the machine has high productivity, low consumption, low operating costs, the majority of customers. The machine also uses a hydraulic cavity system, reducing the downtime. Cone crusher is widely used in mines, metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry, broken above the average hardness of various minerals and rocks.

2, Splitting, the material is placed in a plane and a working plane with a pointed edge, when the working plane with a sharp edge of the material, the material will be cut along the direction of the pressure line. The reason for the split is that the tensile stress in the plane of the split plane is reached or exceeded the tensile strength of the material. The tensile strength of the material is much less than that of the compressive strength.

3, Folding, material crushing by bending stress . The two pivot simply supported beam or multi pivot beam, which is subjected to concentrated load acting on the broken material. When the bending stress of the material reaches the bending strength of the material, it is broken and broken.
4, Impact crusher, material is crushed by impact force, because of its breaking capacity is instantaneous, its crushing efficiency, crushing ratio, energy consumption is less.

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