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What should I do if the working sand making machine is not working?

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The card machine of the sand making machine mainly refers to the phenomenon that the equipment suddenly gets stuck and cannot run. In this case, the material cannot be broken, which not only affects the production efficiency, but also seriously reduces the service life of the sand making machine. Find the cause of the problem in time, let's analyze the reasons and solutions for the sand machine:

There are two main reasons for the equipment for the sand making line. One is that the equipment is stuck and the other is stuck. The first is caused by the broken spindle. The reasons for these two situations are different. The reasons are explained below. method.

1. Card machine caused by blocking material
The main reason for the blockage is that the material is unreasonable. This may be because the size, hardness, viscosity and humidity of the material are unreasonable, or the speed of the feed exceeds the processing capacity of the sand making equipment. Unbreakable debris enters the crushing chamber, causing the jam to jam.

To solve the sand-making equipment card machine caused by blocking material, we must first confirm that the material entering the crushing chamber does not contain foreign matter; secondly, the material should be fed strictly according to the requirements of the equipment, and the feeding speed should be based on sand making. The processing capacity of the equipment should not be too fast or too slow, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the sand production line.

2, the card machine caused by the spindle break
The main cause of the spindle break card machine is improper use during operation or overload of the equipment.

In order to solve the sand-making equipment card machine caused by the spindle breakage, in the actual production process, the sand-making equipment should be operated strictly according to the usage method specified in the manual and the rated working load should be used for production. Do not overload production, so as to avoid production. The phenomenon of the spindle of the sand making equipment is broken.

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