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Voltage instability will harm cone crusher

Time:2015-09-23 15:29:20 10:10:46 AM Num:84

    With the awareness of users  symons cone crusher deepening, cone crusher market is more and more open, the entire stone production line has become the most common type of crushing equipment. Since the cone crusher more sophisticated manufacturing process, in the course, if not careful there will be some problems, such as the weather and other environmental impacts, including the power supply voltage instability has become the most common problem for most customers.

So if the voltage instability will bring the cone crusher which harm? First cause is the feed is uneven, because the voltage instability, uneven feed will be when, and then caused the accumulation of material in the crushing cavity, if not promptly treated blocking material will cause boring car accident, if you want to put an end to this phenomenon still need to proceed from the voltage.

Second is the impact on the eccentric, eccentric come loose or fall off, causing the cone crusher can not work, we can always check and tighten the eccentric shaft bushing, if seriously damaged, then to the timely replacement; voltage instability may cause the belt slip, although adjusting the belt tension is good, but also to solve the problem fundamentally.

     In the process we use every day is need to pay close attention to the supply voltage, in the event of voltage instability needs to be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise the damage to the cone crusher is relatively large, not only affects the life of the equipment, but also affect your entire production line effectiveness. If you encounter any problems in daily use, you can inquire us, you are welcome to call the hotline Zhongxin.


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