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How to select cone crusher

Time:2015-09-23 21:11:19 10:10:46 AM Num:84

With the development of cone crusher, cone crusher type and model are also increasing, how to choose the most suitable for their own to become a headache for many users, the choice of models for their own production is also very good, you can maximize the efficiency of the device. So what should you do? Zhongxin Heavy Industry will give you some advice.

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 First, you need to look at what kind of material processing, such as humidity and hardness, if the hardness of the general, such as limestone crushing, you can choose ordinary cone crusher can reach, and production is also great, the price is not expensive, if your material with higher hardness, such as gravel and so on, the best choice of hydraulic cone crusher, the is broken pyramid can effectively reduce equipment wear and tear. Humidity is mainly to see how much of the maximum processing humidity cone crusher, control your material humidity, when necessary, is the need to dry, if not do, will affect the output.

Second, determine the next you need to produce the equipment, different output matching of the entire production line is also different, if you just consider the cone crusher output, and not consider the entire production line, the big words will cause the transmission is not timely and stop, which is not often affect the output of your entire production line. Choosing the output of cone crusher can cause the waste of the whole production line device.

Usually we should make sure these two aspects in buing the equipment, and the needle for different material production, the requirements of different material granularity, will cause the cone crusher output is different, which are within the normal range. If you need a cone crusher or the entire production line, we have a professional technical engineer for you.


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