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How to prevent uneven discharge cone crusher

Time:2015-09-18 20:54:27 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Cone crusher discharge unevenness will severely reduce the operating efficiency of the equipment, this article describes how to prevent the discharge cone crusher uneven, mainly in the following three aspects:

A correct feeding

1, clear the parameters used cone crusher, especially the nature of the material requirements, according to the crusher to the material requirements, put suitable material. Do not meet the cone crusher production requirements, such as temperature is too high or too much water, you can make the appropriate processing, so that the material as much as possible at or near requirement to avoid the crushed material particle size non-compliance.

2, feeding machine too easily lead to uneven load operation, the expected product size uniform, moving cone, fast fixed cone liner wear and other issues, seriously affected the production capacity of the equipment. For this case, through the transformation of the ore hopper, so to mine even unloading in the distribution disk, thereby uniformly fed into the crushing chamber, solving the uneven particle size, the machine overload and other problems.

Second, the timely adjustment of parameters

1, when the material into the inner cone crusher changes, timely adjust to the size of the nesting population according to the nature of broken material. After adjusted discharge port, you can use the wire-based approach to measure the size of shot size, when the discharge port after the adjustment been to reach the user's needs, you should first adjust the ring with a locking cylinder lock Restart the device, and then enter the safe production.

2, in the production site should be careful to check whether the operating voltage is sufficient, the tightness of the belt is moderate, if any irregularities should be timely adjusted to provide adequate conditions for the normal power crusher cone crusher crushing materials in order to avoid uneven size .

Third, reduce the wear member

Dynamic cone crusher is the major component of the cone crusher, moving cone subject to wear will severely reduce the crushing effect of the material. Therefore, production should be careful to check the use of dynamic cone, cone moving parts to reduce wear. As dynamic cone and fixed cone Face laced with manganese steel liner to protect the cone from wear and tear, ensure that the material in the crushing effects of the crushing cavity.


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