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Vibration feeder operation guide

Time:2018-03-15 10:42:13 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The vibrating feeder is used at the beginning of the ore production line to transport the materials and ensure that the materials can be evenly fed into the crusher, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the entire production line. The following Jiaozuo Zhongxin introduces the operation of the vibrating feeder.


vibrating feeder

1. Preparation before starting: Read the shift record and handle the legacy issues of the previous shift. Inspect and eliminate debris that affects the movement of the body between the body and the chute, the spring and the bracket. Carefully check that all fasteners are fully tightened. Check whether the lubricating oil in the shaker is higher than the oil mark height. Check if the drive belt is good; replace it if it is found to be damaged; if it is dirty, wipe it with a rag. Check whether the protective device is in good condition and remove any insecurity if it is found.
2. Start: After inspection, the machine and transmission parts are normal and can start. This machine is only allowed to start and start under no load condition. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately. After abnormal conditions are identified and eliminated, it can be restarted.
3. Use: After stable vibration of the machine, it can run with material. Feeding should meet the load test requirements. Shutdown shall be carried out in accordance with the process, and it is forbidden to stop the material or to continue feeding after shutdown or shutdown.


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