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Cause analysis of uneven discharge of cone crusher

Time:2020-12-21 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Cone crushers are popular for their high production capacity, stable operation and good crushing *, but sometimes uneven discharge occurs. Let’s analyze the reasons for the uneven discharge of the cone crusher.

1.The material size is too large and too hard. When there are too large or too hard materials in the crushing cavity, it will cause serious segregation of the materials in the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, and the input materials cannot be completely crushed, and then the output will be uneven.

2.The material contains too much water. When materials with too much water enter the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, they will stick to each other to form material blockage in the crushing cavity, which reduces the equipment's ability to crush the materials, and then causes uneven discharge.

3.Too much feed material. When too much material is put into the crushing cavity, the material will simply be blocked in the crushing cavity, occupying a part of the space in the crushing cavity and reducing the material crushing space, and the size of the crushed material may appear uneven. Cone crusher

4.The size of the discharge port is incorrect. When the size of the discharge port of the cone crusher is inappropriate, the material that has been crushed is too late to be discharged, which constitutes a blockage of the material, which affects the crushing of the material, aggravates the blockage of the material, and causes uneven material crushing.

5. The voltage is too low. When the operating voltage at the crushing site is too low, it will not be able to provide production conditions for the normal crushing of the cone crusher, and the lack of crushing power will result in uneven product size after crushing.

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