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Circular vibrating screen common solution to the problem

Time:2018-03-02 09:56:42 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vibrating screen is mostly used for the separation of sand and gravel, stone production line is an essential equipment, if there is a problem in this part will affect the entire production line production efficiency, Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineer for you to enumerate several common faults And how to handle it.


Vibrating screen

1, Vibrating screen sieve quality is poor, due to improper operation of the responsibility and more likely to plug the mesh, into the sieve material in the increase of fine particles and water to make the sieve material layer is too thick, uneven feeding and so on. May pull the screen is not tight on both sides, if it is eccentric shaft vibration drag belt can not afford, the belt is too loose, and other mechanical problems are dealt with, you can come to reverse rotation for some time, in order to improve the screening quality.
2, vibrating screen slow rotation, the bearing fever, this situation, indicating that the usual maintenance did not keep up, bearing grease, if it is a new grease, it is the quality of the grease or add too full, low-grade oil to make it The bearing blocks the labyrinth seal jam, so the quality of the grease is quite important.
3, the shaker can not start or the amplitude is too small, should check the electrical accessibility, the motor is damaged, or the components of the circuit is damaged, the voltage is insufficient, these three areas are no problem, and then from mechanical inspection, shaker If the material on the screen surface is too much, if it is cleared. Shaker shank coupling bolts off, the grease is thickening caking, cleaning and maintenance exciter can be cleaned at this time, and then adjust the eccentric shaft weight or eccentric block position.
 4, vibrating screen surface of the material flow abnormalities, one sieve box stiffness is insufficient, there is a critical frequency, the coupling bolts have been loose, and even to a full extent of the vibration, that is, fastening. Second, the horizontal level of the sieve box did not identify, from the support of the foot spring bearing or spring itself to find fault, change the spring or change the size of the support, there may be caused by damage to the screen mesh, as long as the replacement of the screen can be. If the stiffness of the sieve box has been insufficient, the horizontal level did not identify, will result in the beam broken, if still running will make the material flow abnormalities.
5, Circular vibrating screen noise is too large, the bearing may be damaged, loose bolts, broken beams and spring damage, in addition to bolts can be tightened, the other three conditions need to be replaced parts.


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