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What are the inspection work of cone crusher

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How to ensure the efficient operation of the cone crusher? In order to ensure the efficiency of the production life and operation of the cone crusher, the user has to inspect the equipment at intervals. So what does the inspection work of the cone crusher include?

Generally, the inspection time is after the equipment finishes working, after cooling down for five or six hours, then the inspection starts. The inspector * checks the flatness of the cone crusher surface by hand to see if there is any unevenness, and if there is, inform the technicians to make modifications. , Found that there are substandard parts or parts with deviations should be replaced in time. The counterweight is added to the large bevel gear of the cone crusher to eliminate the inertial force and moment of inertia caused by the direction change of the crushing cone.

Due to the limitation of the structure size of the crusher, the inertial force of the crushing cone cannot be completely eliminated, so the crushing cone will rotate It produces a large unbalanced inertial force, which is the disturbance force that causes the vibration of the crusher frame and foundation. That is, the disturbance force of the crusher is the unbalanced inertial force generated when the crusher cone rotates around the central axis. Cone crusher is a relatively large and important beneficiation equipment. During its operation, the wear of parts will seriously affect the stability of the vibration of the crusher. At the same time, the machine will be in a state of forced vibration for a long time, which will seriously affect the crusher.

Safe operation. Research has found that disturbance force is an important factor influencing the forced vibration of the crusher. Let’s analyze it below. For the dry operation of the cone crusher, before starting the machine, check whether the equipment is installed well, and everything is normal before starting the machine.

During the dry running process, check the sealing, jamming, friction, and collision of the equipment. . During the trial run, check if the cylinder shakes obviously and if there is too much noise. After the cone crusher is put into formal work, the staff needs to insert a special thermometer for rolling bearings into the oil control of the bearing seat, and measure it every about an hour until the temperature is stable.

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