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Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Life of Spring Cone Crusher

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Spring cone crusher is one of the most common stone crushers and plays a very important role in large-scale production line. Because of frequent use in important mechanical work, cone crusher, so in the post-maintenance there are many steps to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the life of the spring cone crusher.

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The most prominent advantage of the spring cone crusher is the high production efficiency, low energy consumption in the production process, and can be applied to crushing medium and high strength materials. Most of its broken material is needle-like, which is basically medium size. Therefore, if we want to make the whole production line better performance, when the crusher equipment matching should be more detailed understanding of the performance characteristics of crusher equipment, which according to the advantages of different crusher to carry out a reasonable mix, broken Machine, the only way to play the greatest advantage of the crusher, so that the entire production line to achieve maximum productivity.
Efficient productivity is a major feature of the cone crusher, at the same time, the operation of the cone crusher is very simple and convenient to maintain. However, we all know that cone crusher production environment is often harsh, dust flying, then how to use to make the cone crusher life longer?
First, the correct method of operation makes the cone crusher more stable and efficient. When we use the cone crusher to work, should be prepared before the job, check the screws are loose, tightness of the belt is appropriate, the motor is normal, feed inlet, discharge port size is adjusted. Followed by the operation of the cone crusher, we must regularly pay attention to bearing temperature, bearing temperature should not be too high, the temperature remained below 50 degrees. At the same time should pay attention to feed evenly, and check the discharge port is blocked. The last is when the machine should stop feeding, and other materials crushing cone crusher chamber is completed and then shut down the motor to stop homework.
Second, regular maintenance is an important recipe for the spring cone crusher's "longevity." What things have been used do not know to maintain, can not be used for a long time, then how to do the cone crusher maintenance work? Speaking of maintenance in this respect I have to mention cone crusher wearing parts, cone crusher To a large extent, the maintenance of wearing parts is also good for cone crusher maintenance. Such as cone crushing wall, tapered rolling acetabular wall, tapered bearings, cone bushing consumables damaged cone, to check the degree of damage on a regular basis, so that timely replacement, high temperature operation of the crusher how to achieve high efficiency. At the same time promptly clean up the cone crusher stacked on the ore and dust, cone and cone bearings made between the lubrication. Proper use and regular maintenance can make your spring cone crusher change life, usually in the production process, we must pay attention to these details, often these details determine the life of the cone crusher.
Cone crusher not only its own production capacity, and after its handling of materials and then use impact crusher, the same can make vertical impact crusher to achieve a very high performance. Thus, it can be seen that the main market for cone crushers is in the larger crushing lines. In these production sites, the cone crusher is an essential and important equipment, is an important crusher equipment to enhance the processing capacity of the entire production line, can not be replaced by other equipment.


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