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Jaw crusher is the core equipment in mining machinery

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Jaw crusher is the core equipment in mining machinery, Jaw crusher is indispensable Jaw Crushers, its low price, simple structure, the operation is also easy to box, which for many miners has brought convenience. However, this kind of machine is very powerful in operation, so its motor failure will be very much.


Jaw crusher

Here are some common faults jaw crusher motor three solutions:
Because of the interaction of forces, during operation, there is a force between the bearings of the machine and the rotor, which forces them to rub against each other to cause wear on the core surface. After wear, a short circuit , When the machine is short circuit, the machine's motor will be burned due to a short circuit, so that the motor will be scrapped. To prevent this situation, we mainly do the replacement of the bearing and the rotor frequently. When the bearing is worn, it should be replaced immediately. Not to keep moving to use. Timely replacement of the grinding workpiece is a good motor protection.
As the moisture in the air so that the iron core rusty, this machine are basically working outdoors, and the usual place is placed outdoors, it will inevitably have rain or water into the air inside the motor, once Iron core erosion by the surface will generate rust, rusty iron core can not produce electromagnetic induction, so the whole motor is in a state of retirement. In view of this situation, we usually have to do the machine moisture protection, usually when not in use or rainy weather when the machine covered with a protective cover.
The connection between the core and the base is loose, the connection between the core and the base once loose that the motor can not work, the motor can not drive the machine, in which case we just make a fine connection on it . There's something to put in to make them more precise or use special equipment to keep them tight.


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