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What if the cone crusher shaft breaks?

Time:2019-06-25 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Cone crusher In daily life, we are most commonly used in cement production, sand and stone metallurgy and other industries. It is mainly used in various medium and fine crushed ores. Because of its large production capacity and high efficiency, it is quickly recognized by investors. The cone crusher is an important member of the ore crushing process. The cone crusher is a large-scale crushing and processing machine for ore. During the long-term load operation, the spindle may be broken.

Jiaozuo Zhongxin is here to talk about the problems related to the broken shaft that occurs during the use of the cone crusher. The cone crusher has a spindle break during use, which not only affects the normal production, but also shortens the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the user is reminded to pay attention to the maintenance of the cone crusher spindle. Xiaobian and everyone talk about the cone. The cause of the broken spindle of the crusher.
If there is a problem with the quality of the main shaft of the cone crusher, the influence of external factors, and the fatigue of the spindle due to prolonged work. For the quality of the spindle itself, Zhongxin reminds the users to go to the regular manufacturers and purchase quality products. For the influence of external factors, select the appropriate spindle material according to the actual situation to ensure the normal external factors, so as to avoid the problem of spindle fracture.
For the main shaft of the cone crusher, the main cause is fatigue fracture. The main reason is the uneven distribution of the material in the crushing chamber. In this case, you should learn to adjust the height of the material to slide down, and set the baffle in the feeding funnel. The frame beam and the feeder are balanced. Our company will improve the cone crusher. The new cone crusher works normally, eliminates the phenomenon of spindle breakage, improves production efficiency, and saves a lot of maintenance costs.

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