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How to reduce the unnecessary wear of the jaw crusher

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The jaw crusher is an important mechanical equipment for the crushing of ore. The jaw crusher may have some wear during use. In order to minimize the loss of the machine, it is necessary to insist on scientific selection of the model; It is reasonable to use and select materials. Of course, the maintenance of the ore crusher, everyone also needs to pay attention. Xiaobian is here to talk about how to reduce the wear of the jaw crusher.

There may be some problems in the jaw crusher during use. For example, in the structure of the jaw crusher, the wear of the static and static jaws can cause the crusher to fail to operate normally and lose the crushing capacity; the contact between the jaw plate and the machine surface is not stable; The eccentric shaft speed is too fast, and the broken material can not be eliminated, resulting in blockage of the crushing chamber and wear of the jaw plate; the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw is too large, exceeding the normal range; Wear resistance and poor resistance.
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The engineers of Zhongxin Heavy Industry reminded the users to pay attention to the new installed jaws must be fixed and tightly mounted, and the surface contact with the machine is stable. A layer of plastic material can be placed between the surface of the jaw plate and the machine; each batch of material entering the crusher should be sampled. Once the nature of the material changes greatly, it is necessary to change the crusher in time. The parameters are matched with the incoming materials; the jaws must be made of materials with high hardness, wear resistance and strong resistance; the worn jaw crusher jaws should be replaced in time.
In the process of crushing ore by jaw crusher, it should be noted that the jaw crusher should be put into operation after it is in normal operation; the crushed material should be evenly added into the crushing chamber, and side feeding or stacking should be avoided to prevent unilateral loading. Overload or overload; under normal conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 35 ° C, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ° C, if it exceeds 70 ° C, it should be stopped immediately, it should be checked in time; before stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, to be broken The motor can be turned off after the crushed material in the chamber is completely discharged.


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