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Correct use method of jaw crusher

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The jaw crusher is a rough crushing equipment for the stone production line. The function of the jaw crusher determines the equipment of the subsequent process. When the jaw crusher works efficiently, it can meet the feeding requirements of the subsequent equipment and make it work at full capacity. The state of the jaw crusher is not safe, which will lead to the cutting corners of the subsequent equipment. Therefore, the function of the jaw crusher is determined by the power of the entire stone production line. As long as the correct operation method of the jaw crusher is grasped, the profit of the stone factory can be facilitated.
Let us introduce the correct operation method of the jaw crusher: Crusher safety operation regulations

1.Reasonable use of crusher   
1. The feed specification of the crusher shall not exceed 0.85 times the size of the mine mouth.   
2. The jaw crusher must be started without load.   
3. Jaw crusher is suitable for rough and medium crushing of hard and medium hard ores.

2.Preparation and inspection before work   
1. Before starting the crusher, it is necessary to * start the thin oil smoothing system. It can be started only after the oil return is normal.   
2. Operate the manual dry oil cup to make enough oil for each smooth spot.   
3. Twist and refuel each manual dry oil cup.   
4. Together with the oil supply, check whether each oil system is blocked or leaking.   
5. Check whether various instruments are normal enough.   
6. Check whether there are ore or other non-crushed objects in the crushing cavity.   
7. Check whether the electrical interlocking device, light signal and protective equipment are complete and working.

3.launch operation method    can only be activated after completing the above inspection and preparation work.   
1. Start the smooth system and start the ventilation and water supply system together.   
2. According to the technological process, start the ore transport system under the crusher.   
3. Start the jaw crusher without load.   
4. After working normally, start the ore feeding system.   
5. The activation is complete.   
6. ​​The crusher with segmented starting device should be started according to the crusher starting procedure.

4, shutdown operation and emergency shutdown processing   
1. It is necessary for the crusher to s* until the ore is discharged.   
2. The ore system should be s*ped * when shutting down.   
3. The oil pump and cooling water system can be s*ped only after the main engine has been shut down for 5 minutes.   
4. the following conditions should be urgently shut down:    (1) The main bearing or the movable jaw bearing rises sharply above 80°C. The surface phenomenon is when the back of the hand touches the bearing seat and cannot continue for one second.    (2) The front or rear thrust plate is cracked.    (3) When the high-speed rotating transmission parts are loose, cracked, or fly out to injure people.    (4) When the motor is "sweeping" smoke.   
5. Emergency shutdown shall comply with the following rules:    (1) When the machine s*s due to high temperature of the bearing, it will s* immediately if it fails.    (2) When shutting down at high temperature, the ore supply should be s*ped *, the oil volume should be increased, air cooling or water cooling should be forced, and the machine can be shut down after the bearing temperature drops.

5.Precautions for safe operation   
1. During work, we often *vise whether various appearances are normal and whether there are abnormal sounds in various parts.   
2. The electric chain system of the hydraulic pressure of the crusher cannot be removed under any conditions.   
3. When the machine is working, it is not allowed to stick to people in the rotary surface of the jaw crusher.   
4. Workers are not allowed to use their hands to take large ore or other items that have entered the machine.   
5. When dealing with jaw crusher blockage, the ore to the head of the miner should be processed *, and then processed from the upper part. It is forbidden to handle it with a crank or from the bottom of the discharge port upward.  
6. ​​When dealing with the blockage of the lower funnel of the jaw crusher, you should contact the miner and the belt conveyor position, disconnect the belt conveyor power switch, and send someone to *vise it.

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