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How to prevent the failure of the cone crusher at work

Time:2020-03-12 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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Cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crushing equipment in the production line. Due to its unique performance and strong crushing force, it has a strong influence in the production of various industries, but due to the comparison of its conditions in production Bad, so some failures will occur, here is to introduce how to prevent problems in production.

    First of all, in the industry's crushing production line, the cone crusher equipment must control the temperature. Its components have their own suitable working temperature. Once it exceeds this range during work, the components will be damaged. When the time comes, avoid overloading the equipment at low temperature, and prevent the equipment from operating at extremely high temperature.

    Second, the cone crusher is used in the industry to avoid its failure and reduce the impact of impurities. Therefore, in actual operation, the staff must strictly prevent the damage of some impurities from entering the machine, and protect it in advance. Work is very important.

    Third, when using the cone crusher, it is important to pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance work, which can reduce wear and tear in production and reduce the frequency of failures during production.

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