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Improved Method jaw crusher thrust plate

Time:2015-11-13 16:05:17 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The thrust plate is complex pendulumjaw crusher structure of the most simple parts, but its role is very important. Its main function has three: one to transmit power, power transmission sometimes better than the crushing force to be large; second is a safety device action to protect other parts of the crusher damage does not occur; third is to adjust the size of the discharge opening. Conventional thrust plate design a great disadvantage, in order to better play the role of the thrust plate, to improve the production capacity of the crusher, it is necessary to improve the thrust plate.

Jaw crusher

In the crusher, the traditional thrust plate and the support pad can not be well lubricated, plus dust fall, so in fact in a dry friction and abrasive wear of the state and its gasket between the thrust plate. Thrust plate by high load, causing the thrust plate and thrust plate pad wear occurs soon, life greatly reduced. Therefore, the thrust plate design is important to take into account the role of mechanical parts, but also consider their work environment.

As the traditional elbow-head violently thrust plate joints wear, so do changes in the thrust plate with screws at both ends of each fixed a groove bearing with it the convergence of a cylinder, and is connected to the female member on the contact block constitutes a living hinge can drive head, which has four main advantages: ① force rotatable cylinder, reducing the extent of the wear and tear; ② may turn in favor of lubrication; ③ new thrust plate processing simple, low cost; ④ can be transferred joint thrust plate and thrust plate elbow head type interchangeable.


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