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Jaw Crusher Installation Precautions

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The jaw crusher is a primary crusher and is a necessary equipment for many ore production lines. As the first step of crushing, its production efficiency directly determines the efficiency of the entire line, and the working environment of the jaw crusher is usually relatively bad. Therefore, we need to understand the precautions for its installation in case there is a problem in the later stage due to improper installation.

1. Since the jaw crusher has a large vibration during operation, the machine should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce the vibration, noise and the impact on the foundation of the nearby building and structure, a hardwood mat is placed between the crusher and the concrete foundation. Plate, rubber band or other shock absorbing material.

2, the basic discharge tank should be laid a layer of metal plate, and has a sufficient angle of inclination (depending on the fluidity of the material, not less than 50 °), so as not to hinder the smooth discharge of the broken product.

3. The size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to the required product size. When adjusting, loosen the T-row bolt and tension spring. Use the top bolt to open the adjusting seat, insert or withdraw the gasket of the corresponding thickness, and then retract the lifting bolt. Adjust the seat under the action of the weight of the moving jaw, and attach it to the bracket ear seat, and press the gasket. Get together. Thereafter, adjust the spring preload to ensure that the thrust plate is in close contact with the thrust plate pad when the machine is in operation. However, the pre-pressure should not be too large, as long as no knocking sound occurs, and finally the adjustment seat is locked.

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