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Impact Crusher crusher which appear abnormal vibration

Time:2015-11-05 14:53:51 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Impact Crusher is based on advanced foreign models, developed a new and efficient crusher, a variety of materials can be coarse, medium, fine job, has a unique structure, easy to operate, energy efficient, product shape was cube, size adjustable, selectable crushing, etc., widely used in cement, building materials, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, especially for aggregate construction of highways, railways, nuclear power plants, water conservancy and other special industries, such as broken basalt, andesite, river gravel, granite and other materials.

 Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher, when used, will encounter abnormal vibration problems. Reason identify crusher vibrating abnormal solving strategies to determine such issues.

1, the material cause abnormal vibration over the General Assembly, this time to check the feed size, to ensure compliance with the requirements of the material dimension.

2, uneven wear can also cause abnormal vibration, then it shows counterattack hammer is not suitable for continued use, and need to be replaced.

3, rotor imbalance is a cause abnormal vibration, the face of this situation, the need for the rotor to be adjusted.

 4, improper handling can cause foundation abnormal vibration, check the bolt and reinforcement can solve these problems. To find solutions for specific situations, so that the crusher back to normal, back into use.


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