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How to achieve jaw crusher crushing operation

Time:2015-11-05 14:48:55 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials and other industries crushing and broken, and from the advent and now has 100 years of history. The beginning is simple tilting structure, but the structure is not very reasonable, and equipment is relatively cumbersome, inefficient and not very popular. As technology advances, jaw crusher continuous improvement, the emergence of complex tilting structure, the models than the previous device structure is simple, crushing force, while the material has a shearing action, good performance, it is put into use fast to develop.

Jaw crusher equipment


Jaw crusher in the design, using a crank rocker mechanism, its eccentric shaft, the movable jaw, elbow board are crank, connecting rod and rocker, equipment is relatively easy to manufacture, low cost, has become the most use widely used devices.

But the complex structure of the prior art tilting is not perfect, there is a big flaw, that is large crushing capacity, the discharge capacity of the material is small, and if the discharge capacity, crushing force is drastically reduced.

In actual use, in order to pursue high-yield, often will be the ability to transfer large emissions, but which resulted in small crushing force, the particle size of materials on a large, finely not be achieved, and as such, jaw crusher become a typical crude broken equipment.

Jaw crusher to birth date, although there are a lot of innovation, but the tension between breaking force and discharge capacity is always present. If this problem is resolved, crushing force while discharging capacity, crushing equipment is not impossible to achieve.


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