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Inlet card material reason jaw crusher Analysis

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    Since the works and equipment designed jaw crusher, there will inevitably be problems card material in the production process. The reason may be because the crushing chamber in frequent contact with the movable jaw plate stone, causing the movable jaw plate wear, when the hardness of stone is too large, more than the jaw crusher processing capabilities, which appeared stuck in the stone crushing chamber the phenomenon.

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Another possibility is that in the process of  jaw crusher work in, if there is a high water content of the ore material into the crushing chamber, crusher material containing water broken into small pieces, then because the material contains water , so it has a certain viscosity. As will become small pieces of material sticking to each other and stuck in between two pieces of jaw crushing cavity, causing the card material phenomenon; there may be mixed with the crushed material in dilute viscous mud , so that the material to be glued to a block in the crushing cavity, the card material phenomenon.

    To avoid card material phenomenon, can be installed in the jaw crusher in the safety device, when customers use jaw broken handle hard stone, the stone will put such insurance means inference, thereby forcing the crusher to stop running, this like jaw broken in such a blown fuse device that resembles something installed. For the second case, before the material into the jaw crusher, the material for screening and dewatering of the preparatory work, to reduce the viscosity of water and materials; and to be appropriately adjusted discharge port, increasing the size of the discharge port , so that the material to be discharged smoothly;

    In addition, the jaw crusher prior to use, you should first define the parameters of the crusher, in particular the requirements for material properties, according to the crusher to the material requirements, put suitable material. If you do not meet the requirements of the crusher production process, such as temperature is too high or too much water, you can make the appropriate processing, so that the material as much as possible at or close to the requirements of the crusher, and then into the crushing chamber after crushing.

Jaw crusher operation is preferably made through professional training of technical personnel to conduct technical personnel familiar with the relevant knowledge jaw crusher can effectively reduce card stock phenomenon. Henan Zhongxin Heavy Industries is a professional crusher manufacturer, the production of jaw crusher crushing ratio, uniform particle size; Gasketed nesting population adjustment device, a large adjustment range, can meet different customer needs.


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