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Broken Mechanism of Crushing Machine

Time:2015-11-04 14:37:39 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Broken is refers to the use of external force to break the big particles into the material of small particles of the process, thecrusher is able to complete the material crushing equipment. The production power and the corresponding crushing ratio are the main basic conditions for judging the large equipment, and the breaking method of the crusher is different.

The crushing material needs to accept the full range of extrusion in the crushing chamber, the impact of the material block or impact to the lining board, resulting in rapid transfer of material block; material layer control requires a certain degree of compaction, from the entrance to the crushing chamber, the broken material is gradually increased. In order to make the material produce shear and bending stress, the high frequency is used to make the material produce shear and bending stress. In the large crusher, due to the large number of material caused by a certain degree of compaction to meet the conditions of gradually increasing the crushing force, so as to achieve a great deal of selective fragmentation.

In short, according to the need to break the material characteristics of different, the selection of the broken method is not the same. The user friend wants to achieve the best breaking effect, need to choose the material characteristics of the crushing method.


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