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Symons crusher wear Conic reasons

Time:2015-09-18 20:33:35 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Dynamic cone cone crusher is an important component in the production will inevitably subject to wear, this paper describes the Symons crusher  wear Conic reasons, mainly in the following four points:

Feeding undesirable nature
When the inner cone crusher size, material hardness is too large to enter the time, it will cause serious wear and tear on the moving cone, especially when the device appeared iron, not only will cause spring safety device failure, can also cause the movable cone deflection causing equipment in contact with the eccentric shaft sleeve is not uniform, leading to dynamic cone high-speed rotation, and even cause severe wear cone crusher FeiZhui phenomenon.

Moving cone discontinuity equalization
Mobile cone crusher cone work, its main cone to withstand the force of inertia force, since gravity activity cone, spherical bearing reaction force, reaction force eccentric sleeve, cone crusher and the eccentric sleeve (including balance weight) inertial force, if the force of these forces is not zero, moving cone will be uneven force balance, cause the device to excessive vibration, and other dynamic cone damaged.

Moving cone loose
Since the preload dynamic cone head spindle thread is not detected between the two tools, repair workers in practical work experience to grasp, after the stopper gear and conical head gear, preload not meet the technical requirements. When the cone crusher load operation, tapered head loose causing the gears and move the cone of wear.

Poor contact support surface
Dynamic cone bearing cone crusher in the spherical bearing spherical bearing, spherical bearing wear or when there are quality problems, will cause the cone moving down, its contact surface can not support good contact, causing frictions lead to dynamic cone it severely damaged.


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