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Application Of New Type Jaw Crusher In Construction Waste

Time:2015-09-16 18:20:32 10:10:46 AM Num:84

With the rapid development of economic construction, construction output is still increasing year by year. In building demolition, reconstruction, which produces a waste on every year is as high as Jishiyiduoyi tons. Give a data analysis: every 10000 square meters of construction process, will produce 500-600 tons of construction. In addition to construction waste, in the production and construction will also produce such a solid industrial waste.Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. high-tech nd production of mobile crushing station and a new type of jaw crusher is according to the problems appearing frequently in the urban construction process for the earthquake stricken tailored super crushing equipment, has indisputably become the most favored crushing equipment. The new type jaw crusher has great improvement on the traditional jaw crusher, especially the hydraulic device system. In the process of production, the safety performance of the machine is enhanced.

Jaw crusher, impact crusher are the main ore dressing equipment, crushing equipment of the market. The new type jaw crusher has made the whole building design more advanced, more efficient, more productive, more convenient and reliable. Compared with all kinds of stationary crushing station, the mobile crusher with new jaw crusher is like a small and medium crushing plant, which is better than the same level or higher level.


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