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Sand production line requires attention to three points

Time:2018-08-23 09:40:46 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 When users operate sand production line, the operator should pay special attention to issues about the operation of the device, so that better talent enough to ensure safe and efficient work equipment, sand production line during operation, you need to pay attention to three points.


sand production line

1, the device during high-speed operation, pay special attention to the device can not be any unusual noise or vibration, if abnormal sound appeared to give timely stop to check and repair only after the boot device.
2, to ensure that the material fed to the crusher, which can not be mingled with any scrap iron, steel and other pieces of material hardness is relatively large, so as to prevent equipment damage. In order to ensure the personal safety of staff, and staff should stay away from work-related equipment to prevent unnecessary injury.
3, now the reverse phenomenon, if found, then the reverse, which is to present a description of equipment failure, given the need for timely maintenance downtime.


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