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Lubrication maintenance work of large stone crusher

Time:2018-04-08 10:20:25 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Smooth operation of any mechanical equipment is very important for its lubrication. Zhongxin Heavy Industry provides you with various large-scale crusher equipment such as stone crusher and mine crusher. It is important to know that the lubrication of large crusher equipment requires special attention. 


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The correct lubrication of a large stone crusher will determine work efficiency and production efficiency. Therefore, depending on the type and characteristics of the equipment, we must choose the matching lubricant or grease, and we must make it according to the weather conditions and seasonal changes. Corresponding changes. Bearing is the key to the equipment. Lubricant must be refilled every 8 hours. Once a month or three months, the lubricant should be replaced once. The specific time will be determined according to the working conditions of the equipment. A cleaning and cleaning process is required to ensure the cleanliness and stability of the lubricant.
Understand the details of the above knowledge, hoping to provide you with more comprehensive equipment maintenance knowledge, ensure the improvement of the service life of large crushing equipment, more comprehensive equipment maintenance knowledge, and the purchase of crusher equipment, please come to Jiaozuo Zhongxin Visit and buy.


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