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Jaw crusher maintenance operation introduction

Time:2018-04-02 09:55:06 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The crusher is used in many places. Although we don't often see crushers in our lives, in some places, without it, it is really impossible. Jaw crusher can effectively crush broken sand materials. The quality of the crushing equipment on the market is also better and stronger. Otherwise, things that need to be broken are not broken, and they may damage the crusher.

In the stone processing industry, the jaw crusher is a very important crushing equipment. It can be said that this crusher is indispensable in the stone processing industry. The use of this crusher will reduce the work of stone processing by a lot. the amount. If a sand production line does not have such a crushing equipment, it is difficult to operate. Since this type of crushing equipment is so important, what needs to be taken care of during the use of the crusher, in the daily maintenance, and in the maintenance?
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Everyone in the operation of the jaw crusher, as with any other mineral processing equipment, is required to be studied and trained. Only in this way can it be ensured that the operation is proper and safe. Only through professional training can we know how to use the crusher equipment to make the use of the crusher more efficient, so as to enable the crusher to exert its maximum capacity. There are a lot of users of crushing equipment that cause accidents due to improper operation. It should not be. Do not fatigue and pay attention to rest.
In the routine maintenance of the jaw crusher, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the crusher, to give the crusher a certain time to rest, do not operate for a long time. Also clean up the debris in the crusher in time, not to break things that are too hard. When repairing the crusher, it is also necessary to pay attention to professional personnel to repair it. Do not repair it yourself. In order not to bury hidden safety hazards, it is not good to cause danger in future operations. The use and maintenance of these are all need attention, and some things are details, but the details determine the success or failure.


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