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Gravel sand production line configuration roadmap details

Time:2015-08-17 03:13:58 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Sand production line, or sand production line, stone production line, is a relatively small mining industry investment and capital return fast and good market prospects good choice. Advantage product line is the high degree of automation, build process maturity, yield and stable in recent years, urban construction sand and gravel aggregate with hot product to worry about sales, Shanghai faction McNair recently directed a production of 160 cubic meters when the stone production line project to analyze arrangement ideas and specific arrangements.
Project Features: production, when production reached 160 cubic meters; location of deep ore, but enrichment of raw materials.

Investment background:

A large number of construction, led to the rapid development of stone production industry. Currently on the market price of artificial sand 30 yuan / ton, in addition to the pre-investment in equipment and production processes of wear parts consumption, the basic need to invest additional capital.

Project Analysis:

1, process design: When this project produce 160 cubic meters of stone production line because the production, enrichment of raw materials, so the main investment in the crushing, screening and cleaning can reduce the corresponding configuration, this according to the actual arrangement. Double crusher production technology, equipment used broken jaw crusher and impact crusher to form a closed loop system, can enhance the time of production, but also ensures that the extent of broken material in a suitable size within the desired range; and in order to ensure cleanliness aggregate, the first procedure in addition to the feed end of the earth using special screening in addition to soil feeder; rear end of the screening equipment used properly configured one after the other two, and screening to meet the application requirements of the finished material ʱ?? With the above technology and equipment, the installed capacity of light, machine maintenance easy, relatively small investment, quick return, and the production of finished aggregate particles possess good shape, clean and high Shi Ziqiang Higher advantages.

2, production and installation: the entire production line from the production process design, to equipment, the company send specialized personnel on-site installation of the production line, to officially put into operation which lasted a month.

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