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Potash feldspar crusher in daily use will appear what wear

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Potash feldspar is a widely distributed ore resources, rich in potassium, after crushing can be used fertilizer, glass and other fields, the market prospects are better in all aspects. Potash feldspar crusher is an indispensable equipment for potash production line. In the daily use, the parts of potassium feldspar crusher will wear out. The following engineers from Zhongxin Heavy Industry introduce you to common wear and tear.

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1, potassium feldspar crusher is the use of fixed jaw to crush potash feldspar material, so a long time to move the jaw more serious, wear and tear mainly due to the formation of the material and the jaw, and for the fixed jaw material and jaw The relative sliding is also the main cause of wear and tear.
2, jaw wear is mainly due to material extrusion and the relative sliding between the material and jaw caused. The main factors that affect the wear of jaw are: K-feldspar characteristics, K-feldspar crusher operating parameters, jaw material.
Especially in the case of larger crushing ratio, the blockage of potassium feldspar is also relatively serious, resulting in the difficulty of crushing the K-feldspar material or breaking it. In this case, the sliding of the material under the crushing of the jaw plate increases, Wear and tear, at the same time as a result of wear and tear, making nod further increase, more serious blockage, the formation of a vicious circle.
Understand the reasons for the wear of potassium feldspar crusher, you can pay more attention when in use, as much as possible to reduce the crusher wear, making the crusher to maximize the benefits for us.


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