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Vibration feeder installation and maintenance overhaul

Time:2018-02-12 10:06:32 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Vibration feeder use and maintenance and productivity adjustment.


 Vibration feeder

1, vibrating feeder in the production process, under normal use, allowing full load under full voltage conditions directly start and stop. To ensure stable and fast parking through the resonance zone, allowing parking brake, and adapt to a variety of electrical braking methods, such as: energy braking, reverse braking, regenerative braking and so on.
2, vibrating feeder productivity can be adjusted as follows:
(1) the use of FM AM controller, non-stop to achieve non-stop regulation of productivity.
(2) adjust the productivity by adjusting the angle between the eccentric block of inertial vibrator and parking.
(3) to adjust the opening of the warehouse gate, changing the thickness of the tank material layer in order to achieve the purpose of adjusting feeder productivity.
(4) Vibration feeder should check the amplitude, current, noise and temperature rise of the vibrator frequently in the running process. If the abnormal phenomenon is found, it should stop and inspect immediately.
(5) vibrator bearing lubrication is the key to the normal operation of the equipment, so in the course of the bearing should be regularly filled with molybdenum disulfide 2 # grease lubrication. Filling cycle for two months check raised again. High temperature season every month raise once.


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