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The solution of sand making machine emergence runs idle

Time:2018-01-04 09:30:42 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Sand making machine is currently a common equipment for processing gravel raw materials, because in the working stage, the sand making machine processes some gravel material every day, we all know that the gravel material has higher hardness, so the sand making equipment is in Work load under the state is also higher, equipment failure is inevitable, then today to introduce some tips on how to reduce the hope that we can help. In terms of sand making machine start-up, there is a possibility that the sand making machine may idle during the start-up process. This is also a common problem that the sand making equipment occasionally encounters during start-up. Do not worry about this. Restart in time to check the motor and then boot.


Sand making machine

If the sand making machine idling in the starting process, the user needs to find out the reason in time, if the reason is that the sand making machine parts machining accuracy is not enough, the main will show in idling, the return flow makes the temperature rise sometimes and rapidly, sometimes rapid Downward trend. When overloaded, the temperature of the sand making machine only shows ascending or descending, beyond the normal temperature range of the taper sleeve. This reason is sand making machine manufacturers in the technical details of the handling is not in place, Zhongxin Heavy Industries technical staff after repeated technical adjustments, the sand making machine technically avoid this from happening. Second, there is a situation prone to this phenomenon, that is, sand machine spindle abnormalities, such as the common part of the spindle components less problems, this situation is prone to feed equipment in the sand feeding machine Stop when sand making machine suddenly idling reasons, this is because the spindle idling caused.
When the main shaft of the sand making machinery is in contact with the equipment is small, it is probably because of the larger load borne by the sand making equipment in the working state, the oil film formed inside the sand making equipment is damaged, causing the temperature Rise. As a result, the friction between the connectors during the operation of sand making equipment will generate a lot of heat. Under normal circumstances, the heat exchanger will emit heat in order to achieve system thermal balance. If the heat generated by the entire sand making system is too large to reach the cooling capacity of the radiator or the cooling function of the cooler fails then the heat exchange efficiency of the fine sand making equipment will be reduced and the heat balance will be lost, Therefore, this situation is because one of the reasons for the mechanical manufacturing of equipment components, another reason is that the equipment working time is high load, maintenance is not timely. Therefore, I hope that users in the choice of sand making machine manufacturers must choose high quality and reliable manufacturers for equipment selection, sand production line in the late use of the process must pay attention to the maintenance of sand machinery and the correct operation.


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