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Five major improvements in jaw crusher

Time:2017-12-29 10:26:01 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Energy-saving jaw crusher is based on the original equipment to be renovated, we focus on innovation in the following five places.


jaw crusher

1, rack

Energy-saving jaw crusher rack is up and down the opening of the four-wall rigid frame used to support the eccentric shaft and the entire production process, the use of high-quality cast steel casting the whole body to extend the service life of the equipment, saving production costs.

2, flywheel

Install the flywheel on the fuselage, the flywheel can be used to store the energy of moving jaw in the blank line, making the work of the machine tends to be uniform, when the equipment is broken, the machine can run smoothly to ensure the safety of production.

3, adjust the device

Energy-saving jaw crusher with wedge discharge port adjustment device, than the old pad-type adjustment faster and lightweight, greater adjustment range, simple and efficient regulation.

4, drive shaft

Energy-saving jaw crusher drive shaft made of high-carbon steel, eccentric shaft after fine processing, heat treatment, higher quality, higher bearing capacity to make the bearing more rotational, the bearing life to extend several times.

5, jaw

Energy-saving jaw crusher using a unique design of the jaw structure, sealing strict and effective, effective resistance to dust into the bearings, better protection of bearings.


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