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Application of Vibrating Screen in Screening of Construction

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Construction waste for people in life is a headache for one thing, because it can not effectively deal with commonly used in the buried pit or chaos stacking, in fact, there are many built-in waste can dig deep potential, which contains plastic, round steel, Wood and other recyclable materials, but the need to deal with the equipment will be more valuable, need to crush crusher, shaker sieve treatment, high-strength magnetic separator and other transport equipment and composition.
Construction waste disposal equipment can be divided into two kinds: one is a mobile crushing station, one is fixed crushing.


Mobile crushing


Mobile crushing station handling: mobile crushing station is mainly the nature of the semi-trailer, the upper part of the body installed a variety of different crushing, screening, transportation and a series of equipment and components, mainly for different regions, different occasions, different environments Mobile crushing method, because of its work to shift the advantages of greatly saving the cost of construction waste transport greatly improve the timeliness of the equipment cost higher for the mining use of the most widely used in the construction waste disposal rate is not high.
Fixed crushing method: in the construction waste disposal process because of its low cost, high efficiency advantages of the most widely used process: first large block into the crusher broken, and then through the vibrating screen screening small pieces of material, If the material is not in place can also be transported through the belt conveyor twice to the crusher again broken by the vibrating screen out of the material can be equipped with a separator to the iron in the garbage items, the finished product through the belt conveyor to the truck Within the final completion of the process.


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