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Jaw crusher jaw plate and frame bearing assembly

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Jaw crusher motor E-assembly of the work, moving E-heating and eccentric shaft bearing hot, pre-measured interference with the actual amount of interference, and then determine the heating temperature. Jaw crusher motor and eccentric shaft assembly after the impact method into the E-bearing hole, this time with the transition with the hole should be slightly larger 0.01-0.03mm, so the outer assembly will not reduce the original clearance. Locate the outer ring bearing seal cap must be measured whether the compression, can add paper gasket adjustment, does not allow the outer ring loose.


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Jaw crusher frame bearing assembly work, jaw crusher frame bearing placed in the bearing seat and eccentric shaft between the retreat from the package is tight, should be measured in advance of the original bearing clearance and eccentric shaft journal size, calculate the retreat Unloading sleeve axial movement distance, and finally measure the bearing clearance after assembly, withdrawal sleeve movement to meet the reduction of the original clearance, or in the course of easy to loose and damaged, here must use hydraulic nuts and other tools to Install and remove the unloading sets. Red Star heavy industry that the withdrawal assembly to the assembly position, should be a round nut lock. Must be reliable way to stop, you can use a lock washer or lock card, even with the wheel snapping wheel pressure, and ultimately by the shaft end baffle positioning. The overall bearing seat installed in the jaw crusher frame, should be used high-strength bolts, must be tightened with a torque wrench, bolts to the assembly here to tighten the tightening force should reach the standard bolt standard value, otherwise the use of The bolts will loosen or even break during the process.


In summary, the jaw crusher bearing assembly, the amount of lubricant grease should be controlled in the bearing space of two-thirds of the space on both sides of the bearing should be empty out to accommodate the use of extruded grease, fat can not Too much friction to increase bearing friction. Grease, you should clean all the old fat, different oils can not be mixed. When the grease aging plug oil hole, the oil can be used to inject pressure to open up the fuel channel, and then add grease.


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