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Maintenance jaw crusher can extend the service life

Time:2016-11-17 19:06:17 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Maintenance jaw crusher can extend the service life for the user to save production costs and create greater economic benefits. Periodic inspection of jaw crusher equipment: any stone crushing equipment in the switch machine, they should pay attention to regularly check the internal wear and tear of the machine. In the maintenance of the machine must be checked when the wearing parts, wearing parts to achieve the maximum degree of wear must be promptly replaced.


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Do a good job jaw broken parts of the lubrication equipment: the friction surface in time to do a good job lubrication, jaw crusher equipment to ensure the normal operation and extend its service life. The choice of grease should be based on the use of location, temperature and other conditions to determine the replacement once every three months; new oil must be cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene bearing and housing dirt; brackets and elbow pad contacts Grease must be added before starting the machine.


Regular inspection jaw crushing accessories: jaw crusher conveyor belt is an indispensable stone production line, regularly adjust the degree of tightness of the conveyor belt to ensure the uniform force of the belt; bearing wear and tear in use is relatively large, often add lubricants to extend the use of bearings life.


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