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What to do if the jaw plate of jaw crusher is worn out? Can it be fixed?

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The jaw crusher crushing cavity consists of two jaw plates: a moving jaw and a stationary jaw. The jaw plate of jaw crusher wears quickly. The middle and lower parts of the jaw plate, especially in the lower third, are severely worn, and the upper part is less worn. Wear of the jaw plate will affect the working efficiency of the jaw crusher. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the worn jaw plate. The specific repair method of the jaw crusher jaw plate wear is as follows:

    1. Sampling inspection of materials. Sampling inspection of each batch of incoming materials, when there is a large fluctuation in the nature of the materials, timely adjust the main parameters of the crusher such as: clamp angle, eccentric shaft speed, output and motor power etc. Adapt to reduce the wear of the jaw plate.

    Second, do the tightening work when installing the jaw plate. Pay attention to the tightening of the newly installed jaw plate, and make sure that the jaw plate is in smooth contact with the surface of the body (moving and static jaw). A layer of lead plastic, plywood, cement mortar and other materials with good plasticity can be placed between the two surfaces. The assembly requirements for the movable jaw plate and the stationary jaw plate are such that the tooth peaks of one jaw plate are aligned with the tooth grooves of the other jaw plate, that is, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are in a basically meshing state.

    Third, the material of the jaw plate should be reasonably selected. The jaw plate should use high hardness materials to resist the failure of extrusion micro-cutting; choose materials with sufficient toughness to resist the fatigue failure caused by chisel impact. At the same time, the structure of the tooth plate has been improved to reduce the relative activity of the material and the tooth plate. Because the jaws are usually made symmetrically up and down, they can be used upside down during minor repairs. Large jaw crusher jaws are made of several pieces and can be used with each other to extend the life of the jaws.

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