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Reconstruction measures for vibrating screen failure

Time:2019-06-27 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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 First of all, we need to know why there is an overload situation, as follows:
1. Influence of material characteristics
The material has large viscosity and is difficult to be sieved, so that a thick layer is formed on the sieve surface of the vibrating screen, so that the upper layer material has a suitable particle size and cannot be sieved. The actual load exceeds the rated load of the equipment, causing failure.
Treatment method: The inclination angle of the vibrating screen can be appropriately increased, so that the sliding speed under the screen surface is increased and the thickness is reduced.
2. Screen selection of vibrating screen
In large mines, polyurethane mesh screens are generally selected, which are divided into two types: plate sieve and strip sieve. The former has a long service life and is suitable for selection when the material conditions are good. However, if the material is difficult to be sieved, it is easy to cause the screen area material, causing the equipment to malfunction due to overload operation.
Because the strip screen is conical, in the case of the same standard aperture, the upper aperture is larger than the sieve, so the sieve has better passing performance.
Treatment method: replace the original sieve with a strip sieve.
3. Reconstruction treatment caused by resonance
In actual production, due to the harsh working environment, the screen press plate will loosen and the screen material will be plastically deformed. After running for a period of time, the screen relaxation and the vibrating screen steel beam produce relative vibration. When the relative vibration and the vibration of the vibrating screen itself resonate, it will pose a great threat to the screen box and the beam.
Treatment method: improve the vibrating screen surface support ribs, increase the number of intermediate support ribs in the screen (from 3 to 5), and each one is consistent with the middle one, with the function of installing fixing bolts, through multiple blocks The pressure plate is pressed tightly to ensure that the screen is fixed reliably and cannot reach resonance.

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