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How to improve the production efficiency of cone crusher

Time:2018-12-05 13:09:30 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 As one of the common crushers on the mine production line, the cone crusher can adjust the crushing output by adjusting the size of the closed discharge port. The smaller the size of the closed side discharge opening, the smaller the output of the cone crusher and the better the quality of the discharged finished material. Conversely, the larger the size of the closed-end discharge opening, the larger the cone bankruptcy, but the worse the quality of the discharged finished material.


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In the process of crushing the production line, it is more worthy of the manufacturer's concern about how to improve the production efficiency of the cone crusher. To this end, Jiaozuo Zhongxin gives the following suggestions:
1. When the belt conveyor feeds the cone crusher, it should be uniform and meet the particle size requirements of the cone crusher, not too much or too little;
2. Pay close attention to the discharge of the broken material in the discharge port of the cone crusher, and control the speed of the belt conveyor to ensure normal feeding and discharging;
3. Always check the cooler, filter and oil pump to measure the temperature of the oil. The return temperature should be less than 60 degrees, and the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is not conducive to the operation of the equipment;
4. Regularly check the water-tight drainage of the water seal. In the absence of water or a small amount of water, the machine should be stopped to avoid affecting the equipment;
5. Pay attention to check the oil pressure of the lock cylinder, and ensure that the adjustment ring is in the locked state before the machine equipment is turned on;
6. Regularly check the condition of the wear parts, especially the wear of the lining plate. Pay attention to the lining plate fixing bolts on the adjusting ring. If it is loose, it will cause the lining plate to loosen. The newly changed lining should be fastened once after working for 24 hours.


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