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Which is the most suitable granite crusher?

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 Granite is a kind of ore material that is difficult to break, but it is slightly easier to break than basalt. This is because granite has a high hardness but a certain brittleness. Granite is a very common building material. Due to its relatively high hardness, smooth surface and beautiful patterns, granite has gradually become a material for various high-end buildings and architectural decoration. Ordinary crushers obviously cannot meet the large demand of granite, which requires the selection of large-capacity cone crushers.


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There are many types of cone crushers. The most commonly used cones are three types: hydraulic cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers and spring cone crushers. The design of the working principle of the cone crusher is also very advantageous, and it does not cause excessive wear when crushing high hardness materials. In addition to this, another point is the high output of the cone.
 General mine manufacturers will choose the configuration of the crusher and impact crusher. This configuration is the most common and most economical configuration. However, for granite, such a configuration is often difficult to bring about the desired effect. The hardness of the granite will cause great wear and tear on the counter-damped plate hammer, which requires the investor to continuously replace the consumable parts and replace the vulnerable parts. The components not only greatly reduce the production efficiency but also increase the investment cost, and the cone crusher is a good choice.


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