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How to add lubricant to the impact crusher

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The impact crusher is a crushing and processing machinery equipment that is familiar to everyone. The application range of the impact crusher is very wide. The impact crusher can be used for the crushing of ore such as limestone and dolomite, and the crusher in the construction industry. The industry has a very important role, here to remind the majority of users to pay attention to the maintenance of the counter crusher.


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The key point in the maintenance of the impact crusher is to scientifically add lubricating oil to the impact crusher. In daily operation, the working environment of the impact crusher is rather harsh. The production environment of the general crush crusher is dust, heavy load and Impact load, no water, ambient temperature is above 30 degrees, below 65 degrees, so what are the requirements for countering the crusher lubricant?
In the low temperature weather, the counter crusher is refueled. The user notices that if the viscosity of the lithium base grease is too high, it will be difficult to refuel. The refueling time is long. It is difficult to start the car after the equipment is finished with oil. If it is started frequently, the motor may be possible. Burning; can only be started when the bearing housing is heated to the easy position.
impact crusher If the bearing is not well lubricated, the damage will be faster, and the maintenance work will be larger; everyone should pay attention to the oil used in the impact crusher of about 2 tons / month, the amount of more than 20 tons per year; to ensure the normal lubrication of the impact crusher Two full-time refuelers are required, which are all for the lubrication of the impact crusher.


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