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Vibrating feeder operation need attention

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The vibrating feeder has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no need of lubrication, small power consumption, and even adjustment of the ore volume. So it has been widely used. Mine vibration feeder for the material from the silos or other storage equipment in the uniform or quantitative supply to the receiving equipment, is the implementation of assembly line automation necessary equipment, both open-and closed-type two , According to the requirements of the production of electromagnetic vibration feeder, to the hopper, conveyor.


vibrating feeder

Vibratory feeders must be operated via safety technology education. Vibration feeder for the ingredients, dosing to ensure uniform and stable feeding to prevent the material should be installed horizontal gravity, such as the general material for continuous feeding, can be tilted 10 ° installation. For viscous materials and materials with high water content can be tilted 15 ° installation. After installation of the feeder should leave 20mm swimming gap horizontal should be horizontal, suspension device with flexible connection. Operation, the machine is strictly prohibited Liren, hand touch the body, adjust, clean up, clean up or inspection.
Feeder in the course of the operation should always check the amplitude, vibration motor current and motor surface temperature, the requirements before and after the amplitude uniformity, not about swing, vibration motor current stability, if abnormal circumstances, should be immediately shut down.
Lubrication is the key to the normal operation of the whole feeder. During the process of using, the bearing should be lubricated regularly. The lubricating oil should be lubricated according to the place and temperature. Note Molybdenum 2 # 2 grease, fill every two months once, the high temperature season once a month, once every six months a motor repair, replacement of internal bearings. Should ensure that the shaker in the oil level is higher than the oil level, every 3-6 months must be replaced once, oil change application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning tank, bearing raceway and gear surface.


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