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What factors influence the level of flotation process

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The advantages and disadvantages of the flotation accuracy of the flotation machine is an important factor which is the flotation of minerals,Contact angle and minerals can be the relationship between floating is the larger the contact angle, the wettability of weaker, floating on the, on the contrary can be floating worse.So it can be said that the floatability of flotation plays a decisive role, and is the contact effect on the floatability and angle.


The degree of hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity of mineral surface, commonly used to measure the contact angle.The water droplets or bubbles on the surface of the solid surface, in a moment, solid, liquid and gas phase to achieve balance, solid liquid gas three phase contact surrounding known as wet perimeter.At any point in the wetting perimeter, along the liquid gas interface as a tangent, and the angle formed by the solid-liquid interface (including the angle between the liquid part), known as the balance of contact angle, is also often said that the contact angle.


Mineral particles in the pulp in the form of existence, directly influences the working effect of flotation machine. The mineral particles in the slurry in the form of analysis is to improve the level of the flotation process is an indispensable condition. So mineral particles in the pulp in the form what kind of existence? Pulp of fine mineral particles in a suspension state and each particle can freedom of movement, a decentralized state, if the particle adhesion between reunion is called aggregation state. Because of the different aggregation of ore particles in the flotation machine, it can be divided into 3 kinds.


The first is cohesion.

The addition of inorganic electrolyte to flotation pulp in the fine particles agglomeration phenomenon called condensation. The aggregation of the same mineral particles is called the phase condensation, which is called heterogeneous condensation.

The second is flocculation.

Is mainly used as a polymer flocculant, through the bridge function, the particles are connected into a loose network of aggregation state.


The third is the reunion.

In the pulp in addition of nonpolar oil, promote mine particle aggregation in the tank to form a round, or due to the bubble size arch lift, the mineral particle aggregate phenomenon. For the external magnetic field, magnetic minerals, mineral particles are magnetized, become a small magnet with a magnetic. When the mineral particles in suspension in proximity to each other, subject to the influence of the magnetic force, the small magnets with opposite poles on ceiling formed chain of magnetic aggregation.


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